For every stage in life, for all people, the YMCA is here.

Since before Colorado was named a state, the YMCA of Metro Denver has been building strong, thriving and equitable communities. The challenges our community faces are significant: health inequity, nutrition access, social isolation, mental health issues, racial disparities, unemployment, unhoused families and individuals and disproportionately high costs of living.  

Yet, the Y is here, as we have been for nearly a century and a half, as a welcoming third place between home and work or school — sometimes virtual, sometimes in person and always offering community connection, family support, healthful movement, personal growth and life-long learning.  

For every stage in life, for all people, at all times, the YMCA is here

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Learn about your programs and outcomes in 2023. 

When Y Academy Manager Pamela McKenzie started working at the University Hills early childhood education facility, it was a one-room preschool. Over her more than three decades with the Y, "Ms. Pam" — as everyone knows her — has touched the lives of thousands of children and families.  

Ms. Pam, along with all the Y Academy team, are serving a critical need in the Denver metro area as child care — more so affordable, quality child care — continues to be a struggle for families. According to the 2022 National Survey of Children’s Health, more than 2.7 million parents across the U.S. (12.2%) “had to quit a job, not take a job or greatly change their job because of problems with child care.”*

Across the YMCA’s three early child care centers, Y Academies, the Y is here to support parents and ultimately the area’s workforce and talent pipeline for many employers.

Read about Y Academy Teacher Christina Graham, her love of music and her joy in bringing rhythm and melody into the classroom. 

In 2023:


children whose families relied on the YMCA for essential early child care at our three Y Academy ECE locations.  

First-grader Jeramiah was struggling — with schoolwork, behavior and relationships. Through YMCA Power Scholars after-school and summer programming, Jeramiah got support in math, reading and social emotional skills, as well as access to fun activities and field trips and daily nutritious meals. He also received caring, individualized support from experts in youth development. And things changed for Jeramiah …

“The day I knew a shift was coming was when I sat next to Jeramiah and read/sang a book of nursery rhymes to him. His face lit up, and he started singing with me. This was the first time he was fully engaged in an activity with me. Over time, we built a routine, and soon we got to see a different side of Jeramiah. Now, Jeramiah raises his hand high to contribute to group conversations, and he shares his feelings with me and with his counselors. Because of the consistency and hard work of Power Scholars staff, children have a place they feel safe, comforted and valued.” — Celeste Medina, YMCA Youth Development

The YMCA is here — embedded in communities across the metro area — assuming our role to support youth mental health. In our Out of School Time and Power Scholars programs, we are actively fostering social and emotional development, encouraging physical activity, nurturing creative expression and promoting the holistic development of all kids so that they thrive. 

In 2023:


kids in the Denver metro area gained confidence, made friends and boosted their skills in YMCA youth development programs like sports, summer camp and Out of School Time.  


youth found fun and belonging in adventure, day, sports, nutrition and STEM camps. 


kids practiced sportsmanship and teamwork in youth sports.

Read about our partnership with the Denver Jr. Nuggets.


of the 483 YMCA Power Scholars Academy students grew more confident in their ability to learn (Denver Public Schools and Cherry Creek Public Schools). 

Forming meaningful bonds at summer camp

Three days a week at the Aurora YMCA, you can find a small group of young adults each doing what they love. They are members of 4Abilities, a local nonprofit that supports individuals with different abilities in maximizing their independence and leading happy and healthy lives. Ryan trains hard on the cardio machines and the accessible, smart-technology EGYM strength training circuit. Shannon gets in a swim, which helps her scoliosis. Josh puts on his headphones and finds some space for his self-designed boxing workout. Sean does a little working out, and a lot of hanging out with friends.  

"At the YMCA, our 4Abilities members are able to be independent and do the workouts they enjoy on their own terms. They have gained so. much strength in different areas and the Y has become a sweet spot and safe haven for them. Everyone can do what they’re passionate about, which makes working out fun." — Kelly Wilson, Director, 4Abilities

Read about the 4Abilities participants' experience at the YMCA.

The Y nurtures the potential of all tweens, teens and young adults by supporting their unique development journey and meeting them where they are with tailored activities and social opportunities, including Youth in Government programming and teen service projects. With youth mental health issues soaring even post-pandemic, the need for authentic support and connection cannot be overstated. From cradle to career, the Y provides young adults with the tools, resources and relationships they need to thrive. For all young people and all abilities, the Y is here.

In 2023:


young adults gained meaningful work experience as lifeguards, camp counselors, front-line staff and program interns. 

Teens starting careers at the YMCA

teen lifeguard at the YMCA

When Victoria Cardenas moved to Denver from Mexico City in 1997, she came to the Downtown Denver YMCA to learn to swim, and she’s been coming to the Y ever since. These days, she takes weekly cycling classes at the Arvada-Duncan YMCA, where she gets not only a great workout but also social connection and life lessons. For Victoria, the Y has become a third place — to find community and get inspired to be her best self.

Parenting stress, health scares, work/life balance, older adult care, financial hardships, loneliness — no matter our age, we all encounter difficult times. And when we do, we are not alone. Whether it’s camaraderie in a cycling class, support in our LIVESTRONG cancer survivor program or conversation at a monthly book club, the Y is here, through any stage of life.

Read Victoria's story of finding her third place at the Y.

Caring for mental health through movement

The Centennial YMCA Center of Generations (CoG) at The Streets at SouthGlenn brings together two generations — teens and older adults to address social isolation. In a way that few, if any, other local resources do, CoG creates a framework for meaningful, intergenerational relationships, learning, support and fun. A partnership between the YMCA and the City of Centennial, CoG is a place to gather and exercise both bodies and minds, with opportunities for all and special pricing for local residents.

“[The YMCA of Metro Denver has] a great history of programming, as well as a great history within the community and very recognizable name that allows people to have that confidence, faith and trust in what they’ll be offering for our residents.” — Stephanie Piko, Mayor, City of Centennial

It may seem unlikely that Gen Z and Boomers have much in common, but they share one major challenge: social isolation. As humans, we need social connection no matter our age, but in some seasons of life, there are more barriers. Just as mobility limitations and solo living can lead to isolation for older adults, technology and social media often keep youth from authentic, in-person connection. Through eclectic program offerings for all ages and interests, teens and older adults can exercise together, cook together, play games together — learn and grow together.


In 2023:


people were served in the Denver metro area by the YMCA. 


individuals were referred to our disease prevention programs to find support for cancer, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, nutrition and weight loss. 

Hear from our experts about the Denver YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program in: 
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volunteer hours were dedicated to youth sports coaching; food distribution; gardening; and teen service projects.


pounds of fresh food distributed to the community through the YMCA's Beyond Hunger food insecurity program.


in financial assistance and scholarships provided making the YMCA accessible in our community.

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