Find activities for family and friends and build connections at the YMCA

The Y is your place between work and home where the whole family will find fun, encouragement and inspiration. Our activities nurture spirit, mind and body. They range from the physical - fitness fun, martial arts and dance to the non-physical cooking programs and art classes. Whatever your interest, there is a program that brings together friends and family at the YMCA.

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Summer Camp

Find Your Fun. Find Your Camp. Find Your Y.

  • Adventure Camp
  • Art Camp
  • Culinary Camp
  • Day Camp
  • eSports
  • Leaders in Training
  • Sports Camp
  • STEM Camp

Art Classes for Kids

 Kids N Canvas is offered at: 

  • Aurora

Cooking for Kids

  • Arvada
  • Aurora
  • University Hills - Schlessman

Kids Night Out

Kids Night Out is offered to kids ages 3 to 12 years at:

  • Arvada-Duncan
  • Aurora
  • Littleton
  • Southwest
  • University Hills - Schlessman


Youth Dance

Try one of our youth dance classes with highly experienced dance instructor Anika Dugan-Brackitt. Choose from Jazz poms, mini tap and ballet & mini poms.

  • Aurora
  • University Hills - Schlessman



Youth Strength Training

This series is designed specifically for teens who are interested in learning proper strength training techniques. Participants meet weekly and work on classic lifts including squats, dead lifts and bench press.

  • Arvada-Duncan
  • Aurora
  • Littleton
  • University Hills-Schlessman


Teen Programs

Programs for teens include service projects at our Aurora and Downtown YMCAs and our annual Youth in Government program. We also offer Teen Dodgeball, High School Basketball and eSports.


Please note our program cancellation and refund policy.

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