Fitness Workshops and Series - Build Physical and Mental Strength

At the YMCA, we are focused on your spirit, mind and body. We are a welcoming place that supports and inspires you. You get to choose the fitness and wellness path that best fits your goals.

Our workshops and series are geared towards teens and adults. Classes focus on deepening your understanding of various physical activities while connecting with other members of the YMCA community.

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Women on Weights

This program focuses on strength training for any person identifying as female. The progressive series takes an in-depth look at classic lifts such as squat, deadlift and bench press. Dumbbell exercises are also introduced in this series.

  • Arvada - Duncan YMCA
  • Aurora YMCA
  • Downtown YMCA
  • Littleton YMCA
  • Southwest YMCA
  • University Hills - Schlessman YMCA



Yoga Workshops

At our Arvada - Duncan, Downtown, Littleton, Southwest and University Hills - Schlessman locations, we offer a variety of yoga workshops. 

  • Intro to Yoga Series
  • Yoga Workshop: Hand Balances
  • Yoga Workshop: Restore & Relieve
  • Yoga Workshop: Equinox Flow
  • Trauma Informed Yoga Workshop
  • Intro to Yin Yoga 
  • Yin Yoga Workshop
  • Yoga Workshop: Sun Salutation & Journaling Yoga


Kickboxing Workshop

Learn the kickboxing basics of punches and kicks in this workshop.  We will break down proper form/safety and muscle engagement, followed by a 45 minute cardio kickboxing class


Foam Rolling Series

An in-depth class educating members on the benefits of foam rolling, and teaching the methods and proper way of SMR


Studio Y

  • Interval style training
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Mental encouragement, inspiration & social connection

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