Summer camp 2024 Denver YMCA

January 30, 2024

Each day is a tapestry of diverse activities, at the Denver YMCA summer day camp, carefully designed to cater to every child's interests and foster holistic development. Below are some examples of what your child may do that make each day at the camp a unique and enriching experience.

Group Games:

High-energy group games filled with laughter and camaraderie keep the kiddos spirited. From classic team-building exercises to interactive icebreakers, campers engage in activities that not only promote physical activity but also foster a sense of teamwork and cooperation. These games create bonds among campers that last well beyond the summer.

Arts and Crafts:

Creativity takes center stage in the arts and crafts rotation. Campers unleash their artistic flair through activities like painting and pottery. Whether it's splashing colors onto a canvas or molding clay into imaginative sculptures, this rotation provides a space for self-expression and the joy of creating something unique. The arts and crafts sessions not only stimulate creativity but also boost confidence as campers proudly showcase their masterpieces.

Field Trips:

Every week of day camp will include a field trip. The list of field trips will be available before camp starts in June. Children may visit local museums, gardens or participate in activities offered near their camp.

Each activity is carefully curated to provide a well-rounded experience, ensuring that campers explore a variety of activities that cater to their diverse interests. The day camp at Denver YMCA understands that each child is unique, and these rotations are the canvas upon which their individuality shines.

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Summer Day Camp Field Trip Denver YMCA


We also offer specialty camps that are focused on sports, STEM or the culinary world.

Basketball or Soccer Camp:

The sports rotation is a dynamic blend of skill drills and game-like situations. From perfecting their soccer kicks to mastering basketball dribbles, campers are encouraged to explore various sports. The emphasis is not just on competition but on fostering a love for physical activity and healthy living. The sports rotation instills valuable lessons in teamwork, discipline, and resilience.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Camp:

In the STEM rotation, young minds delve into the fascinating worlds of engineering and chemistry. Hands-on activities and experiments ignite curiosity as campers build simple machines, explore chemical reactions, and unravel the mysteries of science. The STEM rotation sparks an interest in critical thinking and problem-solving, laying the foundation for future exploration in these fields.

Culinary Camp:

The culinary camp tantalizes taste buds as campers delve into the world of cooking and knife skills. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, campers learn to prepare simple yet delicious meals. The culinary rotation not only introduces the basics of cooking but also instills an appreciation for nutrition and the joy of creating meals from scratch. It's a flavorful journey that encourages a lifelong love for the culinary arts.

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Adventure Camp:

Discover boundless excitement at Denver YMCA's Adventure Camp! Campers may engage in white water rafting, conquer high ropes courses, or navigate mountain biking trails. Fusing fun with nature, our camp promises unforgettable adventures, fostering camaraderie and personal growth. 

Adventure Camp Denver YMCA


Whether they're conquering the soccer field, crafting a masterpiece, unraveling the secrets of science, or whipping up culinary delights, every camp contributes to the holistic development of the campers, leaving them with cherished memories and valuable skills that extend far beyond the summer months.

Check out our Summer Camp FAQs for more details about 2024 Denver Summer Camp.