At the Y, we believe that our communities are stronger and more vibrant when everyone feels welcome and can fully contribute their unique talents for the greater good. For more than 170 years, the Y has helped immigrants access the integration support needed to thrive, which contributes to the economic, civic and cultural strength of a community.

Immigrants represent 13% of the population and make big a impact in communities by:

  • Paying taxes that sustain critical services like public schools and police departments.
  • Stimulating the economy and helping businesses to thrive.
  • Contributing to a skilled workforce that enables key industries to grow and innovate.
  • Advancing entrepreneurship, creating jobs and revenue.
  • Volunteering their time to help their neighbors.

All are welcome at the YMCA of Metro Denver and to ensure that connection, we connect and welcome new Americans through: 

  • Welcoming Week. Annually, along with YMCAs across the U.S., the YMCA of Metro Denver celebrates and embraces new Americans through events and activities at Wellness Centers across the metro area and those of our partners to foster new connections.  
  • International Family Engagement. With Aurora Public Schools and Aurora Welcome Center, the Y leads activities at school orientation events for refugee families. 
  • YMCA Career Opportunities. Working with partners to notify new Americans of jobs at the YMCA and help with the application, interview, reference, background check and training process. 
  • Summer Day Camp. With International Rescue Committee and Aurora Public Schools, the Y host summer camps for kids who newly arrived in the U.S. together with American children the camps help increase acceptance and foster greater learning. During the program kids get assistance with English, visiting local cultural sites and STEM lessons.
  • Y Academy and Out of School Time. As part of our curriculum, we incorporate coloring pages celebrating countries and offer suggested youth reading lists. 
  • Naturalization Events. We join our partners and participate in Oath of Allegiance ceremonies to present gift bags to new U.S. citizens.  
  • Partnerships. We collaborate with a number of local organizations throughout the city to support the immigrant community with resources and support. One of those partnerships is with the African Community Center and included a supply and coat drive.