Invest in Colorado’s children and save on your taxes!

Licensed child care outside the home is good for kids and can improve their social awareness, memory, cognitive development and vocabularies. And for parents, having quality child care can make a difference in their ability to keep working and making the best lives possible for their children. The YMCA provides this important care, along with scholarships and financial aid to families that need it. At the YMCA, all children are welcomed and nurtured, and families thrive with the peace of mind knowing that their kids are safe, happy, and learning. 

Providing these great outcomes depends on donations, and that’s where you can help.

**Make your donations go further. Donations of $250 and above qualify for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Creditqualified donors will receive a tax form.

How it works:
  • Donate $250 or more to the YMCA
  • Donors must designate that the gift is for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Program on check, online or email.
  • Report your donation on your federal and state income tax returns, using the DR1317 tax form that the Y will provide.
What can your donation do?

Research shows quality child care directly benefits children, their families, and their futures. When you give through the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Program, you support these positive outcomes:

  • Children in child care have greater short-term memory.
  • Babies in child care, particularly those from low-income backgrounds, report higher IQ scores.
  • Preschool helps to prepare children for kindergarten and life.
  • 8 out of 10 parents say afterschool programs provide peace of mind.
  • 50% of students in afterschool programs improve reading and math grades.
  • Invest in Colorado’s families!
  • Donate to the YMCA today. To learn more, consult your tax advisor.