Find Your Place. Find Your Y.

The YMCA is here for you, your third place between home and work or school. Here, you don't just find a swim or a workout (though those are on offer!). You also find a welcoming smile, a mood-boosting high five, a supportive conversation — you find real connection and true community.

Welcoming Smiles

From early childhood through school age and into the teen years, the Y is here, giving kids and their families the support they need. From social and emotional development and academic support to physical activity and creative expression, YMCA programs nurture the whole child in a warm, welcoming environment — so they can thrive.

The parents of Matilda, a YMCA Summer Camp and youth sports participant, said the Y gave her a "nurturing environment where she could thrive." Read Matilda's story.

Natalie Jacobsen, a school administrator, said she and her toddler Nola felt immediately welcome at Y Academy preschool. Read Natalie's story.

Find care, learning and community for your child and your family.


Well-earned High Fives

No matter our age, we all encounter difficult times. And when we do, we are not alone. Whether it’s camaraderie in a fitness class, support in a health coaching session or connection in a member social club, the Y is here, through any stage of life.

Retired physician Jenny Wood was in a rut, and she needed support to get out of it. A broken knee, double hip replacement and global pandemic had combined to take a toll on her health, both physical and mental. She began receiving health coaching and personal training at the Y, and got "on a road to doing what’s best for my body and my mind." Read Jenny's story.

Find the high-fives and support you need at any stage of life.

Real Connection

As humans, we need social connection no matter our age, but in some seasons of life, there are more barriers. That's why the Y is here, offering community connection, wellness resources, healthful movement, personal growth and life-long learning.

Alice Dent was living a sedentary lifestyle. The 71-year-old Denver resident enrolled in the 4-month YMCA Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring program and got support in her wellness goals, as well as a community at the Y, where "from the moment I walked in the door, I felt comfortable." Read Alice's story.

Find knowledge, resources and social connection to meet your goals.