Health coaching

January 31, 2023

By Allison Robertson IIN Health Coach and Jessica Giffin, NBC-HWC, MPH, CHES, CIC 

A health coach is a credentialed wellness expert that supports clients in activating internal strengths and external resources to make sustainable and healthy lifestyle behavior changes. Health coaches use a client-centered approach- which means the clients decide their goals, engage in self-discovery or active learning processes, and self-monitor behaviors to increase accountability, all within the context of an interpersonal relationship with a health coach. 

What does a health coach do? 

A health coach partners with people to address lifestyle behaviors and habits that might be getting in the client’s way of reaching their full health potential. A client and health coach work together to determine goals and outcomes. The goals and outcomes will be in line with the healthiest and happiest version of the client’s future self.  Whatever goal the client sets, the health coach ensures that they are supported until the desired outcome is achieved. 

The coaching sessions take place weekly or biweekly and can be done either in person or virtually. During the sessions, the health coach provides guidance, education, and accountability that supports the individual’s goals.   

A health coach is unique in that they take a holistic approach to helping a person achieve health. All areas of the client’s life are taken into consideration, including relationships, career, physical activity, and overall happiness to name a few. Taking all areas of the client’s life into consideration helps to illuminate what is out of balance. The client and health coach work together to bring the client more in alignment with the life they would like to live.   

Benefits of health coaching 

  • Helps people better understand their health 

  • Empowers individuals to make lifestyle adjustments that support his or her goals 

  • Guides clients to develop helpful mindset and thought patterns that support happiness 

  • Provides accountability and support while developing sustainable habits that correspond with the client's goals 

  • Helps clients improve their knowledge of nutrition and physical activity 

  • Provides nutrition guidance that supports overall health and wellness 

  • Inspires clients to develop enjoyable habits that support movement and exercise 

What are some common issues addressed with a health coach? 

  • Behavior change 

  • Stress management 

  • Weight loss 

  • Sleep 

  • Time Management 

  • Healthy habits 

Who is a good fit for health coaching? 

  • Someone interested in improving their overall health and wellness 

  • A person who knows what they need to do but can’t figure out why they’re not doing it 

  • An individual who needs or wants accountability with his or her commitments 

  • Someone who finds health information to be overwhelming and confusing 

  • A person looking for an individualized approach 

  • An individual who needs help overcoming barriers to change 

  • People looking for sustainable change versus a quick fix 

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