July 31, 2023

Beginning in August, YMCA members and program participants will notice an improved customer experience when requesting service support.  


  • Consistent and faster response times to service requests; 
  • Simpler service request forms that provide the YMCA with more information to quickly process your request; 
  • A clear response from the YMCA when your account has been updated or service completed; and 
  • In the near future, the addition of self-serve options to complete some account service requests. 

The YMCA is working to improve its customer service and making these changes in response to your input in recent surveys. These changes will occur in phases through August and into September.  

Important to you: 

  • A new Customer Service form for member and participant services will be available. Please bookmark this page for future reference. 
  • This form ensures better routing, tracking and servicing of your request. Once submitted, a YMCA team member may call or text you with questions about your request. You will also receive an email or text response when the service request has been completed.  
  • Expect the response time to get progressively quicker with our goal to be able to respond within 2 to 3 days of service requests by the end of September. 
  • You can complete the Customer Service form yourself, or any Front Desk Experience team member can assist you in completing this form. 

We understand our customer service has been a pain point for our members and participants. Thank you for the patience and grace you have shown. We are working hard to improve and provide a better experience for you.  


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