Kwame Spearman

Denver is a city that takes pride in its community, its local leaders and its commitment to the well-being of its youth. One such individual who embodies this spirit is Kwame Spearman, a proud Denver native with a deep connection to the city's public schools and the YMCA. Kwame's life journey is not just about personal success; it's about giving back and creating a brighter future for Denver's youth.

A Proud Denver Native

Kwame's roots run deep in Denver. He's a true native who attended Denver public schools from his early years and through high school. His education in the Denver Public School system gave him a first-hand understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the city's youth. His commitment to his community was evident early on, as he recognized the vital role of education in shaping the future of Denver's children.

The YMCA: A Place for Learning and Community Building

The YMCA has played a significant role in Kwame's journey, serving as a space for personal growth and community building. He emphasizes that the YMCA is more than just a gym; it's a place where individuals of all ages can come together to learn, connect and thrive. It's a space where future leaders can be nurtured, and positive values can be instilled in young minds.

Kwame's dedication to the YMCA goes beyond personal experience. He understands that organizations like the YMCA have been instrumental in providing Denver's youth with safe and positive environments. The YMCA's programs offer opportunities for children and teenagers to engage with peers, develop important life skills and be part of a supportive community.

Education as a Foundation for Success

A firm believer in access to literature, Kwame feels that is a pivotal factor in determining the future outcomes of our city's youth. As the owner of Tattered Cover, a renowned bookstore chain in Colorado, he has not only advocated for access to literature but also fostered a love for reading among young people. He is committed to ensuring that every child in Denver has access to quality education and resources.

A Vision for the Future

Kwame aims to extend his commitment to his community beyond his business ventures and is running for the Denver school board because he is deeply invested in the future of Denver's children. 

A Heartfelt Thank You to the YMCA Community

"I recognize the special place that the YMCA holds in Denver's heart and its profound impact on the lives of countless individuals," said Kwame. "I'm committed to building a stronger, more vibrant Denver where every child has the opportunity to thrive."

Kwame's lifelong connection to the YMCA, dedication to education, and passion for community building make him a strong advocate for Denver's youth.