October 20, 2022

Starting October 24, 2022, the reservation system for the YMCA’s Adventure Zone is changing to Alaris

With Alaris, reservations for Adventure Zone are made online with confirmations sent immediately. From there, additional bookings or changes to the reservation can be made right from the email. 

Alaris also offers greater safety for our Y families:

  • More accurate check-ins and check-outs
  • Electronic approval ability of who can pick up
  • Confidential record-keeping of dietary requirements and allergies

And Alaris integrates with the Y’s membership software, Traction Rec, keeping registration and activity information all in one place.  

What do I need to do?

  • After October 24, follow these step-by-step instructions
  • Be sure to have your member barcode ID ready. Get you barcode from your mobile app, your YMCA Account or contact our Solution Center at 720 524 2700.

We are excited to move forward with Alaris and we hope it makes it even easier for you and your family to enjoy time at the third place in your life – your YMCA. 

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