Parking is available for Downtown YMCA Members

FREE parking is available for members and guests of the YMCA. Parking is located on 16th & Grant in the LAZ parking lot (formerly "Starz parking").

Starting October 1, we have a new parking process for member parking at LAZ Parking lot on 16th and Grant St.

Steps to take advantage of complimentary parking:

  • Each month, request a dashboard sign from the Front Desk staff. Provide your vehicle details i.e. make, model, license plate number.  
  • Use your dashboard sign each time you parking in the LAZParking lot. Be sure you are using the 7 marked parkingspots located on the east side of the lot along the alleyway. These designated spots are easily identifiable by the presence of a YMCA parking placard.

Please be aware that parking outside of these designated spots after September 30 will result in a parking ticket, and the YMCA will not be able to void any tickets that may be issued. We understand that parking challenges can be frustrating, and we are committed to helping our members and guests in finding suitable alternatives. If you ever require guidance on public transportation or other paid parking options, our staff will be happy to assist you.

Parking is available during full operating hours of the Downtown Denver YMCA. See our operating hours here.

Metered parking is also available adjacent to the YMCA at cost to members/guests.