November 29, 2022

The YMCA of Metro Denver believes that every amazing camp experience starts with each child knowing they belong. Our camps help kids develop as leaders while taking part in unique learning experiences, innovative activities and experience the perfect combination of play and learning. 

Recently, the Zweig family recounted how Y youth programs have been a monumental part of their son, Scout’s, development: 

“Scout has really loved his time with the Y. He loves getting to interact with kids who are both older and younger than he is, as kids are much more age-segregated at school. He thrives on the physical activities they do outdoors and the games they play indoors when the weather won’t permit them to go out. He gets excited about almost every field trip, from park visits, slides and  fountains, to swimming pools and trampoline places. It’s not uncommon for Scout to suggest we do things as a family on the weekend that he learned about by going on Y field trips. And we always feel comfortable that Scout is in good hands with the Y staff.   

The Y has been a stellar source of socialization for him, and we love that he gets to hang out with kids of all races, ethnicities and social classes. The Y is a mixing pot and ensures that our kid is exposed to many different kinds of people.The staff at the Y has been great about encouraging the aspects of our son that they are in a position to see blooming even before we do. As before-and-after-school providers, and as counselors for Scout’s  day-camp in the summers, the staff is in a position to see Scout interact  with other kids with much greater frequency than we do. They are there to encourage his strengths, to stoke his burgeoning grit, and to help curb those behaviors that are less than desirable. As such, they are like additional parents, aunts and uncles, and older brothers and sisters - the proverbial village helping us to shape Scout into the awesome kid he continues to become. We feel like we are doing something great for him by sending him to the Y.  

When we started at the Y, we thought it was just daycare. We’d intentionally chosen a school we hoped would contribute to widening Scout’s horizons, but we never imagined that his daycare would end up being an equally profound influence on him. After four years with the Y program, we are very happy to know that Scout has been part of a family of strong, confident, diverse young men and women who have had a profound effect on his development in a way that neither we nor his school could have done. We recommend the Y’s youth development programs wholeheartedly to anyone interested in giving their kid more of the world to play in.”  

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