Swim Lessons

The YMCA has a 150-year tradition of teaching people how to swim. Now, the YMCA is introducing a new, empowering program to teach children and adults the life-long sport of swimming. Registration for swim lessons is always open.

***New Swim Lesson Curriculum Launches June 1 (registration opens April 1)***

The new swim curriculum is being launched by YMCAs across the country as a dynamic way to progress through each stage of swimming – from water discovery, to water safety, to stroke development for competitive swimming and healthy living.

As swimmers master each skill, they are empowered to move up through the stages, each time challenging themselves and learning something new.

Our existing curriculum (with levels: eels, minnows, etc.) will be offered through May, begining June 1 all students will be migrated to new curriculum. Ask our aquatics staff for more information about your student.

Parent and Child, 6 months to 36 months THRU MAY

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Parent - Child (ages 6-36 months) The primary objective of this class is to provide a positive first aquatic experience for children while bonding with their parents. Children will participate in group activities and games which emphasis basic movement in the water such as kicking, arm movements and breath control. Additional activities are based on the developmental abilities of the child. Children are required to wear swim diapers under their swimsuit (No Regular Diapers). One adult per child is required; couples are encouraged.

Preschool Beginner Swim Lessons - Pike (ages 3-5) THRU MAY

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Ages 3-5 -  There is no pre-requisite other than age. Pike is designed for the preschool aged beginner who has little to no real experience swimming independently. Children will work on floating, kicking, putting their face in the water, blowing bubbles, a basic paddle stroke, and pool safety. 

Preschool Intermediate Swim Lessons - Eel (age 3-5) THRU MAY

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Our Eel level is for ages 3-5. Children should already be able to perform: front and back float 10 seconds; paddle on front, back and side for 10 yards with a float belt and 5 feet without a belt. Eel is designed for the intermediate pre school swimmer. Participants will begin to learn the basic paddling skills, front and back floating, building endurance and pool safety

Preschool Advanced Swim lessons- Ray/Starfish (ages 3-5) THRU MAY

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The child should already be able to: jump in w/out assistance,  alternating paddle on front/back/side (25 yds with float belt, 20 ft with out float belt), Front and back float 20 seconds without float belt.

Beginner Swim Lessons - Polliwog (ages 6-14) THRU MAY

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Polliwog Ages 6-14 Children should already be able to play around and be comfortable in an aquatic setting. Polliwog is designed for the school-aged beginner who has little experience swimming independently. Children must be willing to participate without parent involvement. Children will work on floating, kicking, putting their face in the water, blowing bubbles, basic paddle strokes, and pool safety. 

Beginner II Swim Lessons - Guppy (ages 6-14) THRU MAY

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Ages 5-14 Children should already be able to perform a basic front, side and back stroke for 25 yards with a float belt and 20 ft. without a belt; front and back float 30 seconds, jump in deep water unassisted and show comfort in deep water. Students work on backstroke, front crawl, treading water, and basic rotary breathing. Children must be able to swim 40 ft with good form before passing to Minnow.

Intermediate I Swim Lessons - Minnow (ages 6-14) THRU MAY

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Minnow is our Intermediate I level for ages 6-14. Children should already be able to: perform the front crawl with rhythmic breathing, backstroke, Sidestroke, breaststroke and elementary backstroke 25 yards with afloat belt and 40' without flotation; front and back float for one minute unassisted and tread water for 30 seconds. Focus will be on starting to build endurance. Continued attention on the techniques for all the basic strokes, and treading water. Children will work toward one length of each of the strokes.

Intermediate II Swim Lesson - Fish (ages 6-14) THRU MAY

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The Fish level is for intermediate swimmers ages 6-14. Children should already be able to (in good form) front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, Sidestroke and elementary backstroke for 25 yards, and tread water for one minute. Students will continue their focus on techniques for these strokes while increasing endurance.

Advanced I Swim Lessons - Flying Fish (ages 6-14) THRU MAY

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Flying Fish for the school aged advanced swimmer with higher swimming skills. Individual focus will be given to students to develop refine proper stroke technique and build swimming endurance.

Advanced II Swim Lessons - Shark (ages 6-14) THRU MAY

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Our Shark level is for advaced II swimmers ages 6-14. Swimmers must already be able to: swim front crawl with bi-lateral breathing 100 yards. Swim breaststroke, Sidestroke, backstroke and elementary backstroke 100 yards each (in good form). Swim butterfly 25 yards.

Swim Starters: Stage A, Water Discovery (6 mo to 3 yrs) BEGINS JUNE

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Parents join infants and toddlers in the water, where they learn how to be comfortable and take part in fun, confidence-building activities. Experience the aquatic environment and learn to enjoy the water.

Move to Stage B when you can respond to verbal cues, you can jump on land and you are at least two years old

Swim Starters: Stage B, Water Exploration (2 to 3 yrs) BEGINS JUNE

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In Stage B of Swim Starters, your swimmers will explore body positions, floating, and blowing bubbles, and learn fundamental safety skills.

Move to Stage 1 when: You are comfortable working with an instructor without a parent in the water and you are at least 3 years old.

Swim Basics: Stage 1, Water Acclimation (ages 3 & above) BEGINS JUNE

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In Stage 1: Water Acclimation, you will get comfortable with underwater exploration and learn how to safely get out of the water if you fall in. 

Move to Stage 2 when you: are willing to go underwater voluntarily, you can perform a front and back float and you can glide with assistance.

Swim Basics: Stage 2, Water Movement (ages 3 & above) BEGINS JUNE

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In Stage 2: Water Movement, lessons will focus on body position and control, directional change and forward movement.

Move to Stage 3 when you can do: a front and back float on your own and front and back glide 5' (preschoolers) or 10' (school age).

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